SuperLotto Plus second Chance Weekly Pool Draw.Five $15,000 champs

 Scratchers second Chance Weekly Pool Draws

 Two $25,000 champs.Five $5,000 champs

 Twenty-five $1,000 champs


 Fantasy 5 – second Chance Weekly Pool Draws


 Three $10,000 champs


 Twelve $1,000 champs


 You can just win one prize in each drawing.

Super lotto winner

April 8, 2020
Draw# 3445







2nd Chance - More ways to win

How additional opportunity works


Sign in to your Account and present the additional opportunity code on your certified SuperLotto Plus®, non-winning Scratchers®, or $5 or more Fantasy 5 ticket. In the concerned occasion that you don’t have a record, it just takes a few minutes to enroll. When enrolled, you can in like manner channel your code into additional opportunity using the Lottery adaptable application. It’s that straightforward! Here are the methods by which it works for each game: 



Super lotto Plus second chance

Your ticket offers you another opportunity to win $15,000 in seven days by week draw. Each $1 you spend on a ticket gives you one section into additional opportunity drawings. For instance, your $5 play allows you another opportunity code for five areas. 

Scratchers 2nd Chance

Chance Your non-winning ticket offers you another opportunity to win up to $25,000 in seven days after week draw. Each $1 you spend gives you one section into additional opportunity drawings. For instance, your non-winning $10 ticket allows you another opportunity code for ten areas.

Fantasy 5 - 2nd Chance

Your $5 or more ticket offers you another opportunity to win up to $10,000 in seven days after week draw. For each $5 you play, you get another opportunity code for 1 area into additional opportunity drawings. 

Your Codes Become draw entries



Whenever you present your additional opportunity codes, you’re gone into all applicable step by step draws. Nearby step by step drawings, there are additional Lottery exceptional draws you could in like manner be subsequently gone into. You can submit as long as 500 additional opportunity codes a month, so you have loads of opportunities to win! 

Superlotto Plus 2nd chance

5 winners every week.
Each person wins $ 15000.

Scratchers 2nd Chance

32 winners every week.
Prizes total $ 100,000

Fantasy 5- 2nd chance

15 winners every week.
Prizes total $42000

The most effective method to enter

Entering is simple! Simply follow these straightforward strides to present your second Chance codes..



Step 1

SuperLotto Plus: Buy a ticket. Utilize the second Chance code on your pass to enter second Chance draws. You get one passage for each $1 you spend. 




 Buy a ticket. In the event that is anything but a moment victor, utilize the second Chance code on your pass to enter second Chance draws. You get one section for each $1 you spend. 


Fantasy 5


Buy a ticket for $5 or more. Utilize the second Chance code on your pass to enter second Chance draws. You get a code for each $5 you spend.

Step 2

Sign in to your Account or register for a Lottery account. At that point, present the second Chance code on your SuperLotto Plus, non-winning Scratchers, or $5 or more Fantasy 5 ticket. You can likewise filter your code into the Lottery Mobile App. On the off chance that you have more than one code, submit them each in turn. Here’s the place you’ll locate your second Chance codes

Step 3

Realize the draw times. All second Chance draws occur each Saturday after the move shuts down at 11:59 p.m. Passages submitted after 11:59 p.m. will be gone into the next week’s draw.

Step 4

Submit up to 500 codes every month. Each code is a draw passage that is naturally set into every pertinent draw at any rate once. There are two sorts of draws: week after week draws for each game program, and extra Lottery special draws.

Step 5

Monitor your entries on your Lottery account. You can view and sort your second Chance code entries by date and draw, and perceive what number of draws every one of your entries is gone into. View My Submissions.

Step 6

Utilize any of these approaches to check whether you’re a second Chance champ:



Sign in to your account when you get an email notification.

How to Play Superlotto

You have to sign in to your confirmed My Account or register for a Lottery record of presenting a code. You can enter up to 500 all out codes for second Chance drawings every month. Each non-winning Scratchers, qualified SLP, and $5 or more Fantasy 5 – second Chance code you enter is an accommodation, and ones that offer various sections just consider one accommodation. Passage cutoff times and subtleties on the Lottery site are liable to change.

Draw Time

Drawings happen week by week, as indicated by Lottery guidelines and methods. In the event that a chose passage is ineligible or invalid, five substitute champs are picked in each drawing. Every passage is just qualified for one drawing. Every single, convenient passage is qualified for in any event one second Chance drawing: a week after week pool draws for the predefined program. Certain Scratchers, SuperLotto Plus, and Fantasy 5 tickets may likewise have extra limited time drawings that you will be naturally gone into at the hour of the code section. On no occasion will Scratchers second Chance sections be acknowledged or legitimate following 180 days from the finish of-game date for the particular Scratchers. On no occasion will SuperLotto Plus Second Chance and Fantasy 5 – second Chance codes be acknowledged or substantial following 180 days from the date of procurement.

Qualification and participation

You should be 18 or more seasoned and meet the qualification prerequisites at the hour of the attracting to take an interest in second Chance drawings. You should enroll on the Lottery site with a substantial California address. Entries must be entered inside California. You should give your full legitimate name whenever you register for second Chance to be qualified for prizes. On the off ChanceChance that your name changes because of marriage or for some other explanation, you should transform it on the Lottery’s enlistment page before the attracting to be qualified for a prize. You should present a second Chance Claim Form (PDF) to get your prize. Second Chance isn’t available to certain Lottery sellers or representatives, their operators, and relatives who live in a similar family unit.


Your chances of winning differ contingent upon the absolute number of sections got and the complete number of passages every player submits.

Extra terms

You are answerable for conforming to these authority second Chance principles, alongside state and government laws and Lottery guidelines. Evidence of your age, qualification, and personality must be outfitted upon demand. You concur that the Lottery can utilize your name, photograph, similarity, and old neighborhood for promoting and exposure purposes without pay. You are answerable for all duties in the event that you win. By taking part in Second Chance or potentially tolerating any prize or limited-time grant, you consent to discharge and hold innocuous the Lottery and our magistrates, workers, operators, and officials from any case, request, judgment, grant as well as any obligation of any sort. The Lottery has the option to change or end the second Chance program whenever. In case of a contention, these official principles override any relevant general guidelines or notices of the Lottery.

Data collection and terms of services

To ensure your security, as far as possible, and secures the individual data, we gather and keep up. To get familiar with our data assortment, use and access, read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Ca lottery Powerball

step by step instructions to play ca powerball lottery.

Stage 1

Utilizing a Lottery play slip, which you can discover at any Lottery retailer, pick five numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 69 and 1 Power Number somewhere in the range of 1 and 26. You can likewise choose Quick Pick®, or simply approach the clerk for a Powerball Quick Pick, and the arbitrary number generator will pick the numbers for you. 


To play similar numbers for continuous draws, simply mark Advance Play®. 


Advance Play permits you to play various draws with one buy. 



You can play up to 10 continuous draws on one play slip by denoting the Advance Playbox. 

Stage 2

Pay $2 per play for each Powerball ticket. Your ticket is your receipt. When it prints, the play can’t be dropped or discounted. 



Stage 3

Realize the draw times. Powerball draws happen Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:59 p.m. Draw passage shuts down at 7 p.m. upon the arrival of the draw

Stage 4

Recall that Powerball has 9 winning ball blends. The more numbers on your ticket that coordinate the numbers are drawn, the more you win. .

Stage 5

Utilize any of these approaches to check whether you’re a Powerball victor: 


Look on the Lottery site for winning numbers and prize sums. 


Download the Lottery portable application to see winning numbers. 


Sweep your ticket utilizing the Check-A-Ticket highlight on the versatile application. 



Utilize the Check-A-Ticket machine at a neighborhood Lottery retail store.


good luck for superlotto.